High street steal | Zara bowling bag

P1050188 P1050184

My Zara delivery arrived this week and included in the pile of goodies was this bag. It has a céline-esque vibe to it and the quality of handbags at Zara are always top notch. It’s a little smaller than I expected but I’ve grown to love it. You can purchase it here.

This isn’t my usual pick but my taste in clothes evolves daily. The more information I consume, the more my perspective changes and with that comes a changed palette. I wake up some days and my comfiest kicks are the only thing that will make the day bearable and the next day I have to rock a statement piece with my main goal to turn heads. My style changes constantly and depends on my current moods and influences. So many people choose to limit themselves within Fashion or refuse to let things influence their style rather than value progression. A change of perspective is rarely a bad thing!

Just a little thought to leave you with over the weekend and apologies if I bored anyone to death!


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