Rimmel Apocalips Review

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Rimmel Apocalips – £5.99

I thought I’d mix it up and review these well loved lip lacquers today. I’d love to say it’s completely coincidental that most of my beauty reviews are lip products, but truthfully, they take up the biggest part of my make-up collection and I can’t go a week without buying a new lippy. Enough of this now.. this isn’t the diary of a lipstick hoarder, although I’m sure a lot of you could relate.

I normally stay well clear of these kind of products because they just look sticky and I’m more of a matte lip kinda gal, but I jumped on the bandwagon none the less. I was immediately drawn to the colour big bang because of the badass pigmentation, and just like all the others they have some serious colour pay off. However, just as I doubted they’re messy.. In fact, even more messy than anticipated. Safe to say, I stopped using them in the fright of looking like a clown. I learnt a few tricks like using the back of the applicator and less product on it, which makes a huge difference, especially for the lighter shades, unfortunately the brighter shades still get everywhere.

I’m really trying to love these products and although I can’t get enough of Nude Eclipse (looks amazing with a dark smokey eye), the bright red just isn’t practical. I’m quite shocked at all the hype and good reviews I’ve read, really ladies? whats your secret?

PS – Sorry the photo quality isn’t great, I’m still in the process of trial and error with my camera. I was considering investing in an upgrade but it just seems like a waste, at least until I learn to use my camera to its full capability.


5 thoughts on “Rimmel Apocalips Review

  1. I really like these – I bought Celestial and Big Bang – but I do think that the brush is quite annoying, and I’ve found that sometimes when you screw the lid back on, colour oozes out. Although they are much less expensive than the YSL version, I do think that they lack the special something and the brush is definitely not as good! x

  2. I’ve seen so many blog reviews about these and they’re pretty varied. I’m a lipstick addict (I can’t resist buying one nearly every week too!) and I hate lipgloss so I’m not sure if these are really for me. The swatches look nice though especially Luna and Big Bang
    Nina from little nomad

  3. Nice review! I’m finding them quite messy too, although I love how pigmented they are and the colours are gorgeous! Ill have to try using the back of the brush as they’re so hard to work with! I end up with product all round my mouth :/ great honest review xxx Lucy

  4. I have 3 shades (Celestial, Aurora and Apocaliptic) and I quite like them, somehow they work perfectly for me, they are not messy or anything and I use the “correct” side of the applicator 😉 Celestial is an amazing everyday colour I think 🙂

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