New in / Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane

P1050920 P1050922 P1050921

Boots – Jeffrey Campbell VIA Folkster

By the phrase ‘New in’, I mean: new in my wardrobe, new on my feet, new source of happiness, new love of my life. Yep, after drooling over these for almost a year, I finally got my hands on a pair. If it wasn’t for them being sold out on every eStore, it was my hesitation of spending that much money on another pair of black boots. I can assure you all though, they were well worth the wait and money. The quality is top notch whilst still keeping the boot light weight (I find certain boots Dr Martens to be a bit heavy) and the buckle detailing adds the perfect amount of grunge to an outfit. They’ve not left my feet since they arrived and its 25 degrees+ outside.. Dedication.

I ordered them from a website called Folkster which sell a variety of Jeffrey Campbell’s and other brands and I’m so pleased I chose that site. They go above and beyond to make the costumer happy and they even put hand written thank you messages on the tag – although my name was incorrect, the thought was there.

Also, the unicorn packaging came as a pleasant surprise. In my opinion, a lot nicer than the infamous cat/t-shirt style box all my other JC’s have arrived in. Let’s face it, Unicorns will always beat Cats.


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