Summer Essentials


Flip Flops – Versace Collection | MAC Fix+ Spray | Sunglasses – Ray Ban | Nail Polish – Barry M  (Matte White)

Mixin’ it up today and sharing with you some essentials I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks. It’s been impossible to leave the house without my Fix+ spray recently, I don’t know whether I’m more grateful for the little refreshing bursts through out the day or the fact my make-up doesn’t completely melt off my face… Not a pleasant look . I’ve also been obsessed with white nail polish since the Kate Moss (June 2013) cover of Vogue. The colour enhances my almost-non-existent arm/hand tan.

A pair of black sunglasses and sandals are personal preferences as majority of my outfits are monochrome based, but I can’t stress enough how handy a pair of black flip flops are for throwing on to finish up a floaty/care free summer outfit.

*The iPhone is a little random but I can’t stop listening to Bombay Bicycle Club. I tend to listen to certain bands/artists more depending on the weather and this band are perfect for the Sun and also make me extremely depressed I’m not attending any festivals this year.


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