London Fashion Week – Street Style Part 1

P1060395 Pictures1 (2) Pictures2 P1060384 Pictures1

I’m going to divide these street style posts into 2 instead of overwhelming you with far too many pictures than my WiFi can handle. You may also notice some familiar faces lurking about in these photos. There’s so many different styles roaming around on the cobble stones of Somerset house that its almost impossible to appreciate them all. It wasn’t until I left and took it all in that I realised I was oozing with inspiration and ideas for the season ahead.


4 thoughts on “London Fashion Week – Street Style Part 1

    • Um, I normally just think to myself if they have a nice outfit their probably happy to have their picture taken in it/take it as a compliment.
      Also, it might help to take someone with you to help get them. As for these photos, LFW is basically everyone wearing an outfit specifically because they want their picture taken so its a lot easier haha!

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