So, that tittle is technically a lie as I’m not actually leaving… I’m just re-locating. Over to blogger, with a new domain and what not. Blogger just seemed to be more practical for what I wanted and I feel a fresh space for my blog is exactly what I needed. I also have a tone of posts already lined up and scheduled so it’s going to have more regular and better content.
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I hope to see you all over there. Adios amigos x


Naturally fast food at Leon

IMG_7195 IMG_7197

If you’re a Londoner, you’ll be used to seeing a Leon’s around every corner but if you’re from other parts of the UK or even further afield, unfortunately you’re missing out on this little treasure I was pleased to discover a few months back. When you think of fast food you instinctively associate it with chicken nuggets, fries and whatever else lies in the uncertainty of the ingredients. But it doesn’t have to be that way and you can still enjoy delicious meals made from all natural foods and get it within the time it takes to flip a Big Mac…. and if that isn’t enough to persuade you, the prices are practically identical.

The menu includes an arrangement of superfood salads, wraps, rice boxes… think meatballs in a tomato sauce or chicken and chorizo. Or if thats not enough you can still get a burger and a side of baked fries but you’ll be reassured that you’re getting fresh produce created from all natural ingredients.

I normally get a rice box with a peach, lemon and white tea juice and if I’m feeling extra hungry I’ll even get a side of baked fries.. Something I definitely recommend trying if you get the opportunity.

Convenient, cheap, tasty AND healthy.. possibly the perfect combination for when deciding what you want for lunch, right?


*The Leon Gobi, Menu HERE

Lack of Love // iPhone case

P1060490iPhone case – C/O Wrappz

So this is what happens when you’re listening to this song and designing an iPhone case; fruity psychedelic prints galore. Wrappz make quality cases and skins to protect your life (lets be realistic, who can actually live without a phone nowadays?)

They also do incredibly generous discounts so type in ‘freeskin‘ for a free skin (duhhh) and you can thank me later when your iPhone, iPad and laptop are all pimped out.

Muchos love

Thoughts By Briley is ONE


I have no idea how to construct this post without making it sound like one big cheese fest so I apologise in advance.

I’m going to start by explaining my lack of posts recently. I don’t have a particular reason for my absence other than a lack of inspiration and I’d rather not upload content that doesn’t meet the standards I’d like to think I’ve created for my blog (About 70% of the things I write only end up as drafts – I’m a tad picky). I also considered writing a post explaining my absence but I don’t want Thoughts By Briley to be a place of negativity either. On that note, I’ll move on from this but hopefully blogging should become more frequent within the next week or two.

Now onto what I actually want to talk about, THE PAST YEAR. My little blog is 1 today! Well it’s technically slightly older but the first published post went up a year ago today and around that time I began to live my life around my slice of the internet. I say that light heartedly but I’m sure a lot of you can relate to standing in the queue at Zara, clenching onto your new city bag with thoughts like ‘I can’t wait to style this up and blog about it’ running through your head?

Blogging has always been a challenge for me and still tests me regularly but it’s always been a constructive progression. My writing technique isn’t the best and I should really shape up on my photography skills but in the past year my blog has given me the confidence to express my creativity far more than I ever did before. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with some amazing PR companies, attend some pretty suave events and meet a tone of like minded bloggers who all share my love for excessive spending and hoarding lipsticks.

To bring my ramblings to an end I want to thank anyone who has ever taken the time to read my blog, whether you’re a fellow blogger or someone who’s just stumbled across it on accident. Whether you’ve been reading my blog from the beginning or this is the first post you’ve ever read.. THANK YOU. I’m proud of my little space on the web and I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you. Here’s to the next year, and year after that, and so on. *raises imaginary champagne glass*

Next S/S Home Event

P1050437 P1050440 P1050444 P1050449

I popped along to an event held by Next earlier this week and were kindly given a £50 gift card to spend in store, which was perfect because I got to hunt down the perfect birthday present for Momma Powell and treat myself to some floral embellished cushions and pastel colour soft furnishings, ready for when I move out later this year – Early bird gets the worm, right? Or in this case.. Early bird gets the cosy bedroom with refreshing florals!

We then headed over to St Davids Hotel & Spa for some light snacks, tea and manicures (how kind) and if that wasn’t enough we even got to leave with a gift bag  filled with even more treats (included in this was a luxury diffuser and my entire house now smells like a tropical island – mmm)

We also got to watch the new advert and some behind the scene clips – the advert had me won over when I heard the soundtrack though; who doesn’t love  Two Door Cinema Club? It’s fresh and perfect for Spring  and I can guarantee there is something to suit everyone. There’s a huge variety of different collections to take a look at too, so if you’ve got a spare five minutes, pop into your local Next, although I can’t be held responsible for how much you spend.

Grumpy cat phone case!


iPhone case – CaseApp C/O

I’m quite partial to a quirky phone case, so when Caseapp told me I could use their website to customize one, I was straight over there deliberating which random design to pick. I ended up picking the infamous grumpy cat; you’ve got to love a cat that resembles themselves on a Monday every morning!

I know that most of the population own an iPhone, so if you’re looking for something unique this is the place to check out. You can put whatever you like on it, so it’s definitely worth the splurge.

Adventures of a small town girl

I’ve never admire where I live because I usually find myself travelling into the city (Cardiff) as its only 25 minutes down the road, however I’ve recently taken a liking to this little town around the corner from me. As much as I love the city, I’m really starting to appreciate the positives to living near the countryside.

What does everyone love about where they live? Are you a countryside kinda person or city lover?