So, that tittle is technically a lie as I’m not actually leaving… I’m just re-locating. Over to blogger, with a new domain and what not. Blogger just seemed to be more practical for what I wanted and I feel a fresh space for my blog is exactly what I needed. I also have a tone of posts already lined up and scheduled so it’s going to have more regular and better content.
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American Apparel Matte Top Coat

IMG_0747 IMG_0755 IMG_0753

Ending the year with a cheeky little review of this American Apparel Matte Top Coat that I picked up a few weeks ago at the AA store on Portobello Road. The sales assistant reminded me of how well it sells, which came as no surprise considering the amount of hype surrounding it online. It costs a hefty £9 which is incredibly over priced but the quality does make up for it with a smooth application and only requiring one coat over your chosen colour. I’ve been using it over the top of a black nail polish so that my nails match my matte black Range Rover.. that’s parked in the garage of my dreams, obviously. Unfortunately the finish isn’t as matte as I’d like it to be, it has more of a semi-gloss finish and although that isn’t ideal, it stills leaves a satisfying finish and maintains it for a good 4-5 days chip free. The packaging is also decent and lets be realistic, the deciding factor always comes down to a decent font. I approve, AA.


Benefit Rockateur Launch | Review

P1060106 P1060105

I recently attended a blogger event held by Benefit Cosmetics in Cardiff Tiger Tiger to launch their newest blusher, Rockateur. It involved all things every blogger loves; instagram-able mini food, swanky looking cocktails and savvy make-up tips. Obviously making for a room of happy bloggers!

Benefit are one of my favourite brands so I was intrigued to try it but admittedly a little skeptical as I’m not a big fan of blusher (I’d much rather a subtle bronzer to contour my cheeks and leave it at that). Luckily for me, the blush is a warm golden colour with subtle shimmer – perfect for day to night wear.  As the colour matched my satisfaction and didn’t leave me looking like a clown, it was down to the formulation to decide whether or not the product had my seal of approval.  Unfortunately it wasn’t the most pigmented product I’ve tried, however it was build-able and looked a lot better over the top of a primer and foundation – It takes more than a swatch on the back of the hand to see the full capability.

I don’t have a lot more to say about the product as I haven’t used it yet, however, it impressed me enough that I intend on making a trip to the Benefit counter later this week…

Benefit Rockateur Blush – £23.50

Rimmel Apocalips Review

P1050457 P1050468

Rimmel Apocalips – £5.99

I thought I’d mix it up and review these well loved lip lacquers today. I’d love to say it’s completely coincidental that most of my beauty reviews are lip products, but truthfully, they take up the biggest part of my make-up collection and I can’t go a week without buying a new lippy. Enough of this now.. this isn’t the diary of a lipstick hoarder, although I’m sure a lot of you could relate.

I normally stay well clear of these kind of products because they just look sticky and I’m more of a matte lip kinda gal, but I jumped on the bandwagon none the less. I was immediately drawn to the colour big bang because of the badass pigmentation, and just like all the others they have some serious colour pay off. However, just as I doubted they’re messy.. In fact, even more messy than anticipated. Safe to say, I stopped using them in the fright of looking like a clown. I learnt a few tricks like using the back of the applicator and less product on it, which makes a huge difference, especially for the lighter shades, unfortunately the brighter shades still get everywhere.

I’m really trying to love these products and although I can’t get enough of Nude Eclipse (looks amazing with a dark smokey eye), the bright red just isn’t practical. I’m quite shocked at all the hype and good reviews I’ve read, really ladies? whats your secret?

PS – Sorry the photo quality isn’t great, I’m still in the process of trial and error with my camera. I was considering investing in an upgrade but it just seems like a waste, at least until I learn to use my camera to its full capability.

Rimmel Lasting Finish/Kate Moss Lipstick | Review

P1050100 P1050109 P1050112

Rimmel #107 & Rimmel #101

I’d never tried the Kate Moss range of lipsticks until now and I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. I’m completely obsessed with dark berry colours and this rich red is perfect; the deep berry colour and it’s slight undertones makes it flattering for most skin types too! Whilst I was purchasing it, I even grabbed this nude pink colour (#101). The complete opposite to what I usually go for but they’re both extremely pigmented and I love matte lipsticks, the only fault with them (usually) is how drying they are on the lips. However these Rimmel Lasting Finish ones have a creamy formula making them much more pleasant to use.  The staying power also impressed me  (I even struggled to get it off by the end of the night).

Considering I’d never tried this range of lipsticks, I can’t wait to get my hands on more.. The only disappointing side is; there isn’t a lot of colours to choose from. We can’t have it all though, eh?

You can purchase both here.

PS – Thanks to Mamma Powell for standing like a lemon whilst I swatch her arm and photograph them!