So, that tittle is technically a lie as I’m not actually leaving… I’m just re-locating. Over to blogger, with a new domain and what not. Blogger just seemed to be more practical for what I wanted and I feel a fresh space for my blog is exactly what I needed. I also have a tone of posts already lined up and scheduled so it’s going to have more regular and better content.
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MAC RiRi Woo and Talk That Talk

IMG_5248 IMG_5265 IMG_5267 IMG_5269 IMG_5283

A slightly hypocritical purchase as I find Rihanna extremely overrated and obnoxious but I’m a sucker for a MAC lipstick and leaving the house without a bright red or deep shade of purple pasted across ma’ lips is a little daunting nowadays. The packaging resembles a bullet with the traditional MAC shape and rose gold colour; fierce packaging for equally as fierce colours.

MAC lipsticks have the reputation that although a little pricey, completely justified by the quality of the product. I love the matte finish of these lipsticks as gloss/shine on lip products have never appealed to me. Unfortunately the matte formulation makes them extremely drying on the lips and on times harsh to apply, this is to be expected of any lip product that has a matte finish though. However the lasting power on them is so impressive it takes the edge off dried out lips at the end of the day. I rarely need to re-apply and when I do it’s normally just an excuse to admire the packaging for the billionth time.

As you can tell by the pictures, RiRi Woo is a vibrant red with slight blue undertones. Also made clear by the pictures, it’s already a well loved product. You also don’t need to worry about it bleeding out which is always a bonus for someone like me who manages to lose any suitable lip liner to match this colour.

The second colour I picked up is Talk That Talk which is a dark deep purple and perfect for colder months. Admittedly a little darker on the lip than first anticipated and possibly the most daring lipstick I own but I’ve learnt to love it and plan on using it a tone this Winter.

Sorry if this has been a little more wordy than what my normal posts include, I just wanted to mix it up a little and share this review.


Summer Essentials


Flip Flops – Versace Collection | MAC Fix+ Spray | Sunglasses – Ray Ban | Nail Polish – Barry M  (Matte White)

Mixin’ it up today and sharing with you some essentials I’ve accumulated over the past few weeks. It’s been impossible to leave the house without my Fix+ spray recently, I don’t know whether I’m more grateful for the little refreshing bursts through out the day or the fact my make-up doesn’t completely melt off my face… Not a pleasant look . I’ve also been obsessed with white nail polish since the Kate Moss (June 2013) cover of Vogue. The colour enhances my almost-non-existent arm/hand tan.

A pair of black sunglasses and sandals are personal preferences as majority of my outfits are monochrome based, but I can’t stress enough how handy a pair of black flip flops are for throwing on to finish up a floaty/care free summer outfit.

*The iPhone is a little random but I can’t stop listening to Bombay Bicycle Club. I tend to listen to certain bands/artists more depending on the weather and this band are perfect for the Sun and also make me extremely depressed I’m not attending any festivals this year.

Festival Style/Bohemian Fashion

P1050902 P1050895 P1050906 P1050908

Dress – Urban Outfitters | Kimono – Boohoo | Bag & Hairband – Primark | Lipstick – MAC (Lip liner in Brick)

It hurts my soul that these photos were taken in my garden and not the fields of Glasto, but if I was attending any kind of festival this year, this is probably what I’d wear.

The fringe detail on the kimono and bag give the outfit a real bohemian feel and the floaty material of the dress and flowers in my hair make me feel like the lovechild of a hippy with a strong case of wanderlust. Equaling the perfect festival gedddup.

Enjoy the sun Amigos.

Grumpy cat phone case!


iPhone case – CaseApp C/O

I’m quite partial to a quirky phone case, so when Caseapp told me I could use their website to customize one, I was straight over there deliberating which random design to pick. I ended up picking the infamous grumpy cat; you’ve got to love a cat that resembles themselves on a Monday every morning!

I know that most of the population own an iPhone, so if you’re looking for something unique this is the place to check out. You can put whatever you like on it, so it’s definitely worth the splurge.

March Shopping List

march shopping list
I have a love-hate relationship with Sunday’s. I hate how boring they are but my lazy attitude is the only thing to blame. I do love browsing the internet with a cuppa every Sunday mind.
I struggled to put together a list of everything I want this month. Everything I’m lusting after only exists in my imagination, or at least I’m telling myself Henry Holland is working on it. Every so often I get a little disappointed with the high street and nothing catches my eye. In fact, nearly everything above are things I’ve wanted for months but haven’t gotten around to buying yet. Nothing new.
I’m starting to really get into statement pieces lately, I’m bored of the same old same old. It probably explains my lack of enthusiasm with high street stores recently. I’m thinking a trip to a few vintage stores are in order soon..

Rimmel Lasting Finish/Kate Moss Lipstick | Review

P1050100 P1050109 P1050112

Rimmel #107 & Rimmel #101

I’d never tried the Kate Moss range of lipsticks until now and I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. I’m completely obsessed with dark berry colours and this rich red is perfect; the deep berry colour and it’s slight undertones makes it flattering for most skin types too! Whilst I was purchasing it, I even grabbed this nude pink colour (#101). The complete opposite to what I usually go for but they’re both extremely pigmented and I love matte lipsticks, the only fault with them (usually) is how drying they are on the lips. However these Rimmel Lasting Finish ones have a creamy formula making them much more pleasant to use.  The staying power also impressed me  (I even struggled to get it off by the end of the night).

Considering I’d never tried this range of lipsticks, I can’t wait to get my hands on more.. The only disappointing side is; there isn’t a lot of colours to choose from. We can’t have it all though, eh?

You can purchase both here.

PS – Thanks to Mamma Powell for standing like a lemon whilst I swatch her arm and photograph them!