January Shopping

January Shopping
Not quite ‘new year, new me’ worthy but considering I used to find minimalist clothing unoriginal and overrated I’ve found myself not only jumping on the bandwagon but taking a firm seat at the front lately. Statement pieces are all well and good but key word being statement; Once you’ve made it, bam, who wants to see it again, nobody right?
Whereas crisp textures and simplistic designs can be worn effortlessly time and time again. Why would I not want that?
It’s like a revolution but theres only so many plain white tees a girl can own before this gets boring, surely?

Hello Winter


Coat – River Island | Top – JD | Skirt – River Island | Bag – Zara

This picture is hideous and I’m not completely sold on the outfit but the jacket is the equivalent to wearing a hug which is always ideal for a day at uni.

River Island have seriously upped their game in the past 12 months and it’s becoming a go-to shop of mine. Although my shopping experience would be far more pleasant if they didn’t play Rihanna tracks back-to-back on full volume. I understand her collection is pretty decent but that gal is seriously overrated – sorry RiRi fans!

London Fashion Week – Street Style Part 2

P1060383 Pictures2 Pictures3 P1060399 P1060401 Pictures1

Second installment of street style at LFW featuring some explicit knitwear and monochrome at it’s finest. I’m obsessed with men’s fashion recently, I find it so interesting and I love how much mixing textures and layering is involved this season (something I love to do myself, especially during Autumn/Winter). If I was a lad I’d insist my wardrobe was filled with the likes of Comme des Garcons and Komakino as they constantly deliver.

I also bumped into the lovely Jameela Jamil and took some pictures of her outfit which was made up of mostly high street – looked amazing and was affordable, my favourite combo!


Saint Laurent Pre-Fall 13

saint laurent prefall saint laurent prefall 1 Pictures3

I should probably calm down with my monochrome enthusiasm, but it’s one of my favourite trends I’ve seen in a long time (probably because I now feel its acceptable to wear an all black attire). I’ve never been one to fill my wardrobe with plenty of colour and I’ve always felt a bit boring because of it, but now that everyone is beginning to do the same I don’t feel as bad about it.

Enough of my warped logic and onto what I actually planned on writing about, this monochromatic campaign fronted by Sky Ferreira. Since the return of Hedi Slimane and complete re-branding of the label, this collection is nothing that we didn’t expect. There’s some classic Slimane pieces in there, but the little glimpses of detail are enough to get anyone excited about this collection.

What’s your thoughts on this campaign and monochrome in general? A huge fan like myself or do you find it a little drab?


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