Red Coat and Leather


Coat – ASOS | Crop top – ASOS | Leather look pinafore – Primark | Bag – Zara | Boots – Jeffrey Campbell | Silver chain – River Island

The arrival of Autumn has only enhanced my already all black everything attitude so this coat adds the perfect amount of colour. The check ties in perfectly for a subtle grunge inspired outfit but the fit of the coat juxtaposes the entirety of it with an almost… boxy fit?

I took these snaps before attending a bloggers briefing for CFW with Taylor and Ella (who kindly took this picture for me) and the event was held in Cardiff bay which explains why there is so much water behind me instead of the usual (boring) brick wall. The whole idea of outfit snapping in such an aesthetically pleasing location is a breeze, right? Right. The literal sense though, a cold, windy breeze.


Hello Winter


Coat – River Island | Top – JD | Skirt – River Island | Bag – Zara

This picture is hideous and I’m not completely sold on the outfit but the jacket is the equivalent to wearing a hug which is always ideal for a day at uni.

River Island have seriously upped their game in the past 12 months and it’s becoming a go-to shop of mine. Although my shopping experience would be far more pleasant if they didn’t play Rihanna tracks back-to-back on full volume. I understand her collection is pretty decent but that gal is seriously overrated – sorry RiRi fans!

September | Transitional shopping

September shopping list - transitional pieces
It’s FINALLY time to start waving hello to my favourite seasons, Autumn and Winter! Firstly, I have to bare that weird-unpredictable in between weather that September normally holds. Luckily, it’s nothing us Brits can’t handle as seasons here are often blurred and rain is an all year round kinda thing.
I also start uni this month so I’m hoping to pick up plenty of comfy and casual pieces to see me through long days of lectures and whatever else my Fashion Promotion degree has to throw at me. I can’t wait to get started but first I need to get through the stress of planning outfits for Fashion Week. I wish I started planning it sooner but I just don’t have it in my soul to be organised, however hard I try.
Side note: I haven’t done any outfit posts in a while but I get my new camera soon so that should solve my ‘I refuse to upload this picture because the quality is awful and I look like a goose’ problem, or at least half of it… I’ll have to live with looking like a goose unfortunately.

Shopping List

July/August shopping list
I normally blog quite regularly on what items I’m currently lusting after but I’m so obsessed with mixing grunge and bohemian styles together that everything I want involves a kimono and some kind of pleather lately. I didn’t want to bore you all with my punk/boohoo infatuations but I don’t think I can help myself. I’m still not over holographic accessories either and that bag (008) is a dream.

Shopping List – June

June Shopping list
I don’t have a lot to say about this months shopping list other than, it’s my birthday this month so it’s completely justified that I buy everything. Especially the Coltrane boots, I’ve had my eyes on them bad boys for months. Gimmmeee.
I think that tie dye jumper would look pimping over a black dress (005) – and if you know me, you’ll know how much I appreciate a good tie dye.
PS – I left out 006, but I promise, I can count.. just about.

May Shopping List

Rewind three years and bold patterns and eccentric accessories would be my idea of a nightmare, but if it’s anything I’ve learnt in those three years it’s that; bold prints can be the most satisfying ways of expressing your creativity.
You don’t need confidence to rock a statement piece, I wear them all the time and I’m the most self conscious person from here to Jupiter. However, I’d rather have my insecurities hidden behind a galaxy print skirt and dozens of dandelions, whilst dripping in gold chains and roses. Logic.
Also, holding onto a Chanel clutch can never be bad for the ego, right?

POP OF NEON | February shopping list

February shopping list

Find items HERE.
Considering I’ve been slightly over enthusiastic about all things monochrome, the items on my February shopping list might come as a surprise to some of you. When the neon trend first came about, I was less than impressed… All I could think was 80s rave and leg warmers galore. Luckily, it’s not that tragic and I’ve warmed to it!
001. I love all things ugly (and by ugly I mean; I adore them but most people will probably look at them with disgust) and these earrings have that written all over them.
002. Transparent clutches are huge and it’s a great way to get me to empty all the receipts and chewing gum wrappers cluttering my bag.
003. Dungaree comeback? All I need now is my Jelly shoes and I’m ready for my first day of Primary School. In all seriousness though, I’m dying for a pair.
004. I’m not quite there yet with neon, so a little accessory like this is exactly what I’m looking for.
005. Wildfox sunglasses! Need I say more?
006. I’ve worn my creepers to death and now I’m ready for a jazzy pair of these bad boys. Well Done ASOS!
007. Such a gorgeous shade of blue. I’ll feel a little like Kate Middleton with this, I reckon!
008. I love a good hat (perfect for a bad hair day etc) and this neon beanie should be on my head by tomorrow afternoon.
What’s your thoughts on Neon? LOVE OR HATE??