Spring shopping list | Back to basics

April Shopping list
Holla April, it’s time we got some Spring shopping done! My style is all over the place recently so I’m going back to basics with smocks and breton tees.. and if they aren’t grey or black or some shade in between, I’m not interested. Spring is also the time for investment pieces so I think it’s about time I finally gave in and got myself that Rocco bag. Don’t you agree?

Current Shopping List

November Shopping List
Life is crazy at the minute; probably pretty average to the normal person but for a sloth like me it’s a whole different story. I’ve obviously still had enough time to put together a shopping list of things I need asap though.
I’ve been interning at House of Holland and after staring at that floral parka, I’ve never wanted something more in my entire life. I’m also dying for a pair of Vagabonds but I can’t justify another pair of black boots.

POP OF NEON | February shopping list

February shopping list

Find items HERE.
Considering I’ve been slightly over enthusiastic about all things monochrome, the items on my February shopping list might come as a surprise to some of you. When the neon trend first came about, I was less than impressed… All I could think was 80s rave and leg warmers galore. Luckily, it’s not that tragic and I’ve warmed to it!
001. I love all things ugly (and by ugly I mean; I adore them but most people will probably look at them with disgust) and these earrings have that written all over them.
002. Transparent clutches are huge and it’s a great way to get me to empty all the receipts and chewing gum wrappers cluttering my bag.
003. Dungaree comeback? All I need now is my Jelly shoes and I’m ready for my first day of Primary School. In all seriousness though, I’m dying for a pair.
004. I’m not quite there yet with neon, so a little accessory like this is exactly what I’m looking for.
005. Wildfox sunglasses! Need I say more?
006. I’ve worn my creepers to death and now I’m ready for a jazzy pair of these bad boys. Well Done ASOS!
007. Such a gorgeous shade of blue. I’ll feel a little like Kate Middleton with this, I reckon!
008. I love a good hat (perfect for a bad hair day etc) and this neon beanie should be on my head by tomorrow afternoon.
What’s your thoughts on Neon? LOVE OR HATE??