Spring shopping list | Back to basics

April Shopping list
Holla April, it’s time we got some Spring shopping done! My style is all over the place recently so I’m going back to basics with smocks and breton tees.. and if they aren’t grey or black or some shade in between, I’m not interested. Spring is also the time for investment pieces so I think it’s about time I finally gave in and got myself that Rocco bag. Don’t you agree?

January Shopping

January Shopping
Not quite ‘new year, new me’ worthy but considering I used to find minimalist clothing unoriginal and overrated I’ve found myself not only jumping on the bandwagon but taking a firm seat at the front lately. Statement pieces are all well and good but key word being statement; Once you’ve made it, bam, who wants to see it again, nobody right?
Whereas crisp textures and simplistic designs can be worn effortlessly time and time again. Why would I not want that?
It’s like a revolution but theres only so many plain white tees a girl can own before this gets boring, surely?

Current Shopping List

November Shopping List
Life is crazy at the minute; probably pretty average to the normal person but for a sloth like me it’s a whole different story. I’ve obviously still had enough time to put together a shopping list of things I need asap though.
I’ve been interning at House of Holland and after staring at that floral parka, I’ve never wanted something more in my entire life. I’m also dying for a pair of Vagabonds but I can’t justify another pair of black boots.

Shopping List

July/August shopping list
I normally blog quite regularly on what items I’m currently lusting after but I’m so obsessed with mixing grunge and bohemian styles together that everything I want involves a kimono and some kind of pleather lately. I didn’t want to bore you all with my punk/boohoo infatuations but I don’t think I can help myself. I’m still not over holographic accessories either and that bag (008) is a dream.

New in / Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane

P1050920 P1050922 P1050921

Boots – Jeffrey Campbell VIA Folkster

By the phrase ‘New in’, I mean: new in my wardrobe, new on my feet, new source of happiness, new love of my life. Yep, after drooling over these for almost a year, I finally got my hands on a pair. If it wasn’t for them being sold out on every eStore, it was my hesitation of spending that much money on another pair of black boots. I can assure you all though, they were well worth the wait and money. The quality is top notch whilst still keeping the boot light weight (I find certain boots Dr Martens to be a bit heavy) and the buckle detailing adds the perfect amount of grunge to an outfit. They’ve not left my feet since they arrived and its 25 degrees+ outside.. Dedication.

I ordered them from a website called Folkster which sell a variety of Jeffrey Campbell’s and other brands and I’m so pleased I chose that site. They go above and beyond to make the costumer happy and they even put hand written thank you messages on the tag – although my name was incorrect, the thought was there.

Also, the unicorn packaging came as a pleasant surprise. In my opinion, a lot nicer than the infamous cat/t-shirt style box all my other JC’s have arrived in. Let’s face it, Unicorns will always beat Cats.

Shopping List – June

June Shopping list
I don’t have a lot to say about this months shopping list other than, it’s my birthday this month so it’s completely justified that I buy everything. Especially the Coltrane boots, I’ve had my eyes on them bad boys for months. Gimmmeee.
I think that tie dye jumper would look pimping over a black dress (005) – and if you know me, you’ll know how much I appreciate a good tie dye.
PS – I left out 006, but I promise, I can count.. just about.

May Shopping List

Rewind three years and bold patterns and eccentric accessories would be my idea of a nightmare, but if it’s anything I’ve learnt in those three years it’s that; bold prints can be the most satisfying ways of expressing your creativity.
You don’t need confidence to rock a statement piece, I wear them all the time and I’m the most self conscious person from here to Jupiter. However, I’d rather have my insecurities hidden behind a galaxy print skirt and dozens of dandelions, whilst dripping in gold chains and roses. Logic.
Also, holding onto a Chanel clutch can never be bad for the ego, right?