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London Fashion Week | OOTD

P1060426 P1060430

Dress – H&M | Jacket – Urban Outfitters | Bag – H&M | Necklace – eBay

Fashion Week, the only place that feels like home without actually being at home. Admittedly a little small fish, big pond kinda feel whilst walking through the courtyard but everyone has their own style and it works like one big unconventional, well dressed family.

A baroque-animal print hybrid on a bomber style jacket all sounds a bit dreadful (and a lot may say it looks equally as bad) but I needed it in my life and I think it dresses up a simple outfit pretty well.  It was also practical as it was casual enough to run around London but still had a little extra something for Somerset House.

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OOTD / Kimono

photos for blog P1050949 P1050941

Dress – Urban Outfitters | Kimono & Sunglasses – Primark

My current wardrobe basically consists of day dresses and kimonos. I’m really not a Summer child but I’ve enjoyed wandering around in floaty outfits like this for the past few days. Although I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t patiently awaiting  the return of chunky knit scarfs and cosy hats.

Festival Style/Bohemian Fashion

P1050902 P1050895 P1050906 P1050908

Dress – Urban Outfitters | Kimono – Boohoo | Bag & Hairband – Primark | Lipstick – MAC (Lip liner in Brick)

It hurts my soul that these photos were taken in my garden and not the fields of Glasto, but if I was attending any kind of festival this year, this is probably what I’d wear.

The fringe detail on the kimono and bag give the outfit a real bohemian feel and the floaty material of the dress and flowers in my hair make me feel like the lovechild of a hippy with a strong case of wanderlust. Equaling the perfect festival gedddup.

Enjoy the sun Amigos.

90s inspired outfit

photo (7)

Tee – Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses – Ebay | Hair Scrunchie – Vintage

Urban Outfitters describe this top as ‘A psychedelic field trip’ and that’s basically everything I want from a jersey. I couldn’t resist adding the sunglasses and scrunchie to embrace my love for the 90s. Some may say a little over the top, but who cares?

Street Style – Cardiff (The Hayes)


One of my favourite things to do is sit at Starbucks and watch the world pass by, I often get a tone of inspiration from the people walking past. Everyone’s got a different life, story and of course, style. That effortless, thrown together look is definitely my favourite; who actually has time and patience to wear a perfectly formed attire to browse the shops?

Comfort in Fashion can often be a rarity and each person in the above photos has managed to work that comfortable trend and still keep it unique and that’s something to appreciate.